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Santana footwear

The SANTANA company was set up in 1984 by a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology Jacek Samsel.

We produce clogs, Loafers, sandals, insoles and approved, proffesional footwear :

- protective footwear, work, white, medical, preventive and health
- comfortable footwear for everyday use
- footwear for health care, trade, pharmaceutical, food and electronics industry workers.

Linings are made of natural leather. Non-slip footwear soles are made of lightweight polyurethane what cushions the exploitation of the consumer and prevents spine aches. All of our products comply with requirements of the HACCP system operatives in gastronomy and factories of food (fruit-vegetable and meat processing).

The requirements of the HACCP system are:

- non-slip soles
- white colour of the footwear
- possibility of washing in 40 C
- preventing growth microorganisms in the footwear.

Patterns of footwear are made of SKATEN and marked with SK sumbol.
We fulfill your orders within 14 days. The delivery is negotiable.


* Obuwie profilaktyczne zdrowotne medyczne damskie

* Obuwie profilaktyczne zdrowotne medyczne meskie

* Drewniaki - obuwie profilaktyczne zdrowotne medyczne

* Sandaly - obuwie profilaktyczne zdrowotne

* Obuwie zawodowe robocze dla przemyslu spozywczego

''Footwear making is a worthy thing, all need shoes, few poetry'' - Jan Izydor Sztaudynger

SANTANA has protected your feet since 1984